The Inaugural Hively Limerick Contest: (Post) Holiday Edition

The holidays, huh? By the time we’re all done with traveling and decorating and juggling families, we need a release. An outlet. Boy, have I got the creative remedy for your seasonal hangovers, both literal and otherwise!

I’m squirming to make this announcement. But it needs the proper fanfare. Like this:

Introducing: The Inaugural Hively Limerick Contest! It will shine more brilliantly on the first try than ol’ Clark’s Christmas lights. All but guaranteed.

If some part of your holidays went about as well as Mr. Griswold’s big reveal, that’s where your limerick comes in.

For the IHLC, I want to read your limericks lampooning the last months of 2013. Gaudy gifts? Office party whoopsie daisies? Familial faux pas? Write ’em as bawdily as you can get ’em, follow this recipe, and send ’em to me through this link by January 10, 2014. Winner gets published and lauded on this shiny new site!

Again: you and everyone  you’ve ever known can submit limericks through this Missives page.

I hope your holidays are happy. But I kind of hope they’re lousy, because lousy = limerick-worthy. Either way: Cheers!


3 responses to “The Inaugural Hively Limerick Contest: (Post) Holiday Edition

  1. The elf decided to play
    In Santa’s bright red sleigh.
    Now elves cannot drive
    He’s lucky to be alive
    But Santa’s eating venison today.

  2. This Christmas Lolita said, “You
    should know I’m forbidden to screw.”
    so, adjusting his dress,
    Santa said, “Well, I guess
    the Meccano set isn’t for you

  3. First came the three feet of snow
    Then the wind it began to blow
    When its below zero
    My seat is my hero
    It heats me whenever I go.

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