Mercury 2013 Highlights include “Toxic Stalemate”

So in the wee months of last year, I researched and wrote a piece on orphan mine drainage for the fledgling New Mexico Mercury. After nine months of running strong, the online newspaper sent out a 2013 Highlights email to all who’ve signed up for such things.

What should appear but my very own “Toxic Stalemate on the Animas River”?

Considering all the in-depth, fabulously written pieces the Mercury produced and cultivated last year, the inclusion is an honor.

The Mercury is still spinning, but operation costs being what they are, they really deserve some support. (As do the writers. All these fantastic pieces are written by unpaid writers. This newspaper is a true labor of love.) Please consider giving the Mercury your support, either through an honorary subscription or through writing something stellar about New Mexico or the southwestern United States.

Happy New Year!


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