Lovelorn Limerick Contest: Valentine’s Edition

Normally, we reserve our relationship statuses to the quiet, private realm of social media. Not this time of year! With February knocking, we all become hyper-aware of our romances. Our affections turn public (and, if we’re very lucky, pubic) in a helium-balloon, gorilla-sized-teddy-bear, little-paper-cards-with-Scooby-Doo-on-them fashion.

Except, of course, for the unlucky in love. The forsaken outnumber the sated, judging by the personals sections of alternative newspapers.

To celebrate the varied emotions of the season, it’s high time we meld this unrequited need for sex with the sexiest form of poetry!

This round of the Hively Limerick Contest is simple: Write a personals ad, in limerick form. It can be about yourself (hey, you never know who might read it!), or written for someone you know, or completely fictional. It can bob anywhere on the sliding scale of sexuality and gender.

After you write it, send it to me through the Missives page.

I’ll walk the walk with you. Here’s my own composition (fictional, by the way, although likely true of someone in the great state of Wisconsin):

I am a young chap from Milwaukee,
And I feel I have a right to be cocky.
But I can’t find a girl
Who will give me a whirl,
So I date only the hand in my pocky.

Again, the steps are easier than eating chocolates: Write a lovelorn limerick. Send it to me through this link by February 12 (with a big reveal planned for V-Day itself). Then, instead of Valentine’s cards, give all your friends and admirers the link to submit their own lovelorn limericks!

To read more about these here limerick contests and the place in Valhalla you earn for winning one, check out the page dedicated to them.

Happy writing!


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