Winners of the Low-Ku Contest: Pitch Edition

Creativity abounds in my ever-widening interweb circles. (Groups? Lists? Man, I can’t keep track any more.) From toilet-seated writing strategies to one-eyed paradigm shifts, the things you people come up with awe me.

Picking a low-ku winner made for hungry work. So good thing the eternal champ offers up 111 solutions for my undying hunger:

You know you want it.
Comfort food and fantasy.
All mixed together.

I want it, indeed, and Astrid Winegar dishes it up! Her cookbook, Cooking for Halflings & Monsters: 111 Comfy, Cozy Recipes for Fantasy-Loving Souls, is now available for Kindle – at under a dime a recipe, the deal is epic. Astrid is online in all the places, so be certain you check out every single one. (Just looking at the pictures of food on her blog, like the “Steaks with Benefits,” makes me yearn to do inappropriate things to a slab of cooked meat. And I’m mostly veggie.)

With so many powerhouse entries, a couple low-kus demanded to be mentioned honorably.

Honorable Mention for Familial Inappropriateness in a YA Manuscript goes to Tammy Subia:

A nerdy virgin
Gains wicked (hot) stepsister
Awkwardness ensues

(Be sure to check out Tammy’s blog and stay tuned – this book’s going to make it someday soon.)

Honorable Mention for Wordplay in a Hardboiled Gothic YA Fantasy Manuscript (Which Itself Earns an Honorable Mention for Inventing a Genre) goes to Jenny Mason:

Hacker duels spider
freaks and venomous smartphones.
Technology bites.

(In addition to freaking out us arachnaphobes, Jenny’s got some rockin’ writing advice on her blog at the moment.)

Yeah, so what if Jenny and I cohabit each other’s brains? Her low-ku rocks. And if you’re jealous, then you just need to find your own special soulmate.

Lucky for you, the Lovelorn Limerick Contest: Valentine’s Edition is still open through February 12. Craft a personal ad, in limerick form. The winning limerick promises to be half as tasty (and half again as tasteful) as Astrid’s Evening-After Salad!

(Featured image on the main page is the cover of Astrid Winegar’s cookbook.)


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