No Magpie


I am tickled to announce that my flash fiction piece, “No Magpie,” will be published this week in Conceptions Southwest at the University of New Mexico.

Those who are familiar with my storytelling style know that I love drawing out a story’s events. I love showing emotions, through settings and dialogue and actions, rather than telling what happens. So writing a roughly 500-word story was tougher for me than operating toenail clippers with two Captain Hook hands.

The experience taught me to write a short arc with economy, though. (And in this case, all dialogue!)

For anyone in Albuquerque this weekend, Conceptions Southwest is holding a launch event for this year’s issue this Friday, April 18, at 6:30 PM in the Honors College Forum at UNM. I unfortunately cannot attend, but any contributors there in the flesh will read from their work and speak briefly about it.

Congratulations to all the contributors to the magazine, and many bountiful thanks to the CSW staff who ensure that this publication excels!


(Featured image of a magpie gazing over the horizon copyright BinaryApe on Flickr via a Creative Commons Attribution License.)


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