Firkin Around

Berliner Weisse

An old tradition was dragged out of the cellar today. Jenny Mason and I returned to exploring beers on our site, Al”brew”querque, which dates from when we actually lived in the 505. The beers and the reviewers have branched into the wider world, but this is not your grandma’s beer review. (If your grandma really does review beers, though, I want to hang out with her.)

The format is simple: We drink beer(s). One of us writes about the beer and the experience. The other one comments, snarks, and rebuts in italics.

This time, we tried the one-off Berliner Weisse with wild cherry at Steamworks (Durango, CO) during their monthly Firkin Friday. Here’s a 2-oz sampler of today’s review.

And my oh my, was this beer tangy (and also a bit watery, like, well, Tang). Not the least bit over sweet like the flavor-injected beers in Berlin (and not like Otter Pops in the summer). This beer, the warm color of apricot jam, felt as zingy as fresh lemonade. (Unfortunately it had about as much cherry as thirteen-year-old Lindsay Lohan.)

We hope to make new reviews a regular occurrence, not least of all because it’ll mean we’re drinking more beer. If you want a review of a particular brew, we’re easy. Just buy us a pint of it!


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