Becoming Royal

I was simply going to point you toward a little bit o’ guest writing I did, but the surreality of this week warrants more than that. This week is one many baseball fans will remember for a long, long time.

You see, crazy things don’t happen for Kansas City Royals fans, leastwise not because of our fandom so much as in spite of it. Collectively, we pretty much stand for the downtrodden. Our relationship with the team is at times abusive, but we keep coming back because we love the Royals, and we always believe that things are sure to change soon.

Well, things just changed. And that may or may not be because of a Korean fan named SungWoo Lee.

Other people have chronicled the talismanic magic that is SungWoo, including the ever-amazed SungWoo himself. (I point you particularly to baseball-writer-extraordinaire Rany Jazayerli, either on his blog or the truncated version on the New York Times. He might have made me cry.)

Long short is, to improve his English, SungWoo watched and wrote about Royals baseball for eighteen years, which one would almost have to understand little English to survive. He finally decides to visit America and see his beloved club. And everything amazing that could happen for him, does.

Oh, and the Royals reel off seven straight wins after SungWoo lands on the continent.

SungWoo Lee has done more than bring all kinds of charm to the first-place (yes, first-place) Kansas City Royals. He has brought together other fans from all over the world. He has made us feel united as Royals fans.

I know I have never felt this way. I’ve always been a Royals fan in a two-man island, just me and my dad. But now, suddenly, I’m tweeting with folks across the country, and counting down the hours til the next broadcast, and getting giddy in that way that other nations must feel during the semifinals of the World Cup.

I am honored and tickled to be some small part of this phenomenon. Even more so, because my new Twitter comrade-ess @cupcakesarenice has collected the origin stories of Royals fans without geographic reasons for being enthusiasts, and whaddya know, there I am.

Take a look. Enjoy our stories. And hey, even though I don’t have Korean voodoo skills, I like to think a bit of high desert enchantment has found its way to Kansas City. You’re welcome.


4 responses to “Becoming Royal

  1. Hello, fellow Royal fan!
    I found you this morning by searching “Royals Baseball” tags..just hoping for another Royals’ blogger fan. There were only two others that I could see. Oh, what folks are missing.
    Until last night.
    Suddenly, it doesn’t feel like we are on a lone island in our fandom.
    I hope you don’t mind that I popped in to say hello!
    “Don’t stop believing!”

    • I will be putting my future children to bed with stories of last night. Five hours of more emotion than I’ve ever felt in a game, and to come out on top? I’m still recovering!
      Thanks for coming by — I love bumping into other Royals fans. You said it right — finally, we are not alone.
      (By the way, great post yesterday on our boys in blue!)

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