Winners of the Wild Limerick Contest

In a limerick contest about wild things, nearly everyone wrote about human beings. Way to be deep, y’all.

We have one winner and one honorable mention. These limericks, the best of a rich bunch, earn their laurels for keeping with the “Reintroduction to the Wild” theme, for conjuring wonderfully/frightfully vivid images (depending on your personal tastes), and for not pretending that Sarah Palin has any relevance whatsoever. (Yes, I really got those. Yes, “those” plural. No, I don’t count grizzly bear-skin rugs as a mark of wildness or esteem.)

Your Grand Prize Winner for the Hively Limerick Contest: Reintroduced to the Wild Edition goes to Rachel Reynard and her untitled poem:

Isn’t love just an obstacle course?
Even more after a nasty divorce.
So she opened up shop,
Picked out chaps and a crop,
And broke colts until they turned hoarse.

Rrrrawr! This one wins for the wordplay. Yeah… and I read the SI swimsuit issue for the cutting-edge analysis.

Missy and Katy (10)

And here is the much-deserved honorable mention from the woman who inspired this contest, Janice Canerdy:

“Pretty in Pink”

Though wifey wants black lingerie,
he’s not shopping for her today.
Hot pink is his favorite.
Oh, how he does savor it.
He struts in his bright negligee!

She writes many an outstanding limerick, folks. If you ever have need of a limerickess, let me know, and I’ll put her in contact with you.

Thank you to the poets who entered. Your poems are all inspiring and/or perverse. Keep on writing!


(Featured image, “Missy and Katy (10),” copyright Robert Bejil on Flickr via a Creative Commons Attribution License.)


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