Spin Cycle

It’s been a rough autumn in the news. From ISIS to reports that Tony Bennett is still alive, I for one am as depressed as ever. Other people are always saying, “Newspapers should run more positive stories, like about that nice young boy who picks up roadside garbage for free.” But other people don’t realize that no one—not even that parolee doing his time collecting trash—commits truly selfless deeds worthy of print.

No one, that is, except for me. For just as Rumpelstiltskin spun whole roomfulls of worthless straw into precious gold before it broke the camel’s back, so I want to puree leftover news into easy-to-swallow gold before anyone else chokes on it.

Machine Meltdown

What follows are ten gristly issues that I have spiced into tastier news morsels. You won’t find discussion about these out-of-the-news-cycle topics anywhere else, unless of course you know how to use Google.

Birds, boobs, and baseball… freshen up on all the hottest topics, wrung through the Fool’s Gold spin machine, this week on the New Mexico Mercury.


(Featured image, “Machine Meltdown,” copyright darkday on Flickr via a Creative Commons Attribution License.)


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