Busy to the Core

For two thousand and fourteen years—the entire period known either as A.D., “After Democracy,” or C.E., the “Congressional Era”—our government has been gridlocked. And Americans are SICK AND TIRED of it. We showed in the midterm elections that we finally want to get things done, so long as one of those things isn’t voting.

Hey, we never claimed that we wanted to DO things! We just want them DONE. Even so, if you want something done right, you have to put it on a to-do list so you can cross it out.

to-do list

I write a to-do list every day I remember to do it. In order to feel accomplished by bedtime, I fill the list with routine activities. For instance, on a randomly selected to-do list that I just pulled out of my pajama pants, I have yet to cross out “bathe.” But I have about five lines through “eat a cookie.”

As you might suspect, I face a deep self-evaluation when I wake up and look in the mirror each afternoon. I must ask my innermost self: Once I’ve crossed out all the cookies, how do I manage the rest of my list?

The answer is “prioritizing.” Crossing things off a to-do list is not enough to stay productive. I have to prioritize that list so that I clear out space in my fridge before my apples go bad.

An apple, for your thoughts

Spoiler alert: When life hands me fourteen bags of apples, I make one spoonful of applesauce. The latest Fool’s Gold doesn’t fall far from the tree in today’s New Mexico Mercury and The KC Post.


(Featured image, “An apple, for your thoughts,” copyright SPT Photographe/CC. To-do list image copyright Purple Slog/CC.)


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