Presage Against the Machine

I now have reason to believe that our glorious future may already be in the past. I discovered this at my public library where, surrounded by lifetimes of knowledge bound in sacred tomes, I scour magazine headlines in peace.

“The Future of the Car: How the Automobile Is Becoming More Than Just a Vehicle” promises that the copywriters at Popular Science know how to use a thesaurus effectively. The headline also declares that these conveyances are “Social, Self-Aware, Connected.” I hope that means my roadster will actually add me back on Google +!

But the same cover whispers, “People are gullible. Machines are smart. That’s a problem.” Um, hello? That’s not a problem. It actually works completely in our favor if all smart machines turn out like Herbie the Love Bug, interested in lending a fender to the down-on-their-luck.

The Love Bug

Yet the deeper I researched, the more I didn’t think that was the case.

Gentle reader, if you believe you can handle the deep philosophical questions, such as whether it’s appropriate to tip a pizza delivery drone five percent, read on. The entire kernel of Fool’s Gold is live on today’s New Mexico Mercury and The KC Post.


(Featured image, “The Love Bug,” copyright JD Hancock/CC.)


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