Moolah Kalikimaka

You guys! I just got an Angebot I cannot possibly verpass! The email also said many other things in German, but the gist is that a kindly old woman wants to bequeath me six million euros. (That’s like Europe’s version of Canadian dollars.) And in return she wants … nothing at all.


I feel like I’m living in a medley of Charles Dickens novels. I started out as Pip, the poor soot-covered orphan who couldn’t even afford a real name. Now that I have a Generous Benefactress, I’m turning into Ebenezer Scrooge McDuck, a fabulously rich fellow whom everyone loves for his personality.

Long story short, this Christmas is going to be epic. For me, anyway. I understand not everyone has my formidable resources. That’s why I’d like to relay some hard-earned wisdom, from when I too was poor, about how to enjoy the holidays anyway.

From heavy boxes to other gift-giving tips, the spirit of my rock-solid wisdom is that you should always strive to make the holiday season more memorable for everyone, while making it cheaper for you. Check out the entire Fool’s Gold now in this week’s New Mexico MercuryThe KC Post, and The Durango Telegraph.


(Featured image, “Cents,” copyright M in Berlin/CC. Image of doubloons copyright Tasayu Tasnaphun/CC.)


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