Fool’s Gold Returns: The Hobbit – Part… 4?; or, Here We Go Again

The final “Hobbit” installment is the most anticipated film to come out this particular Wednesday. Literally no one, not even director Peter Jackson, knows how it will end. Yet we here at Fool’s Gold have obtained the ultimate in sneak-peeking exclusives that no one in Hollywood wants you to know!

SPOILER ALERT: Reading this column will make your scalped movie tickets worthless. All the hours you spent crafting a costume? Toss ’em down the Cracks of Doom. You won’t be able to attend the midnight showing, because possessing these secrets will make everyone avoid you even more than your authentic hobbit foot odor. So proceed with caution, dearest readers. Caution!


Venture onward, spirited souls who like to have the endings spoiled. The entire sneak-peeking Fool’s Gold review is live on the New Mexico Mercury and The KC Post.


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