Bench Oppressed

My primary motivation in going to the gym was never about “trimming down” or “gettin’ swol.” I yearned to escape the hustle-and-bustle of hiking trails and fresh air by popping in some ear buds and looking really athletic for fifteen minutes.

upside down

But—and you dudes out there will understand precisely what I’m talking about—it’s IMPOSSIBLE to go to the gym without being ogled all the time. The feeling of eyeballs scouring your physique grows harsher when you wear Spandex shorts.

You may think I should feel flattered. But there’s more to me than skin and muscles. For instance, there’s the entire Fool’s Gold live now on the New Mexico Mercury and The KC Post. Read it instead of going to the gym. You’ll feel better for it.


(Featured image, “Workout blues,”copyright Ms. Phoenix/CC. “upside down” copyright istolethetv/CC.)


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