Lights Out

I’ve traced my ancestry as far back as Paleolithic cavemen and rural West Virginians. Yet I never understood their rough subsistence—not fully—until my power went out.

So I didn’t have electricity. Big deal, right? We humans shape the world with the mere strength of our minds. For instance, climate change does not exist, so long as we refuse to acknowledge it. A little loss of electricity should hardly matter to such a superior being as I.

Neanderthal dioramaAnd it didn’t, for a half hour or so.

Then the unthinkable happened, and it’s all detailed in the newest and shiniest Fool’s Gold in the New Mexico Mercury, The KC Post, and The Durango Telegraph.


(Featured image of rock paintings copyright Geof Wilson/CC. Neanderthal diorama copyright Wally Gobetz/CC.)


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