Ps and Queues

I received some kickback over a disparaging comment I made about Hotmail a few weeks ago. Hotmail is technically an email provider that was all the rage for about four days in 1997. It is the communication service favored today by young Russian singles looking for to marry a kindly Amerikan gentlemen, as well as, it turns out, one of my publishers.


Here, then, is my formal heartfelt press-release apology to all you fine young Slavic bachelorettes and Mr. Aragon: I was wrong. I should have singled out AOL.

And for good reasons, too! Discover what they are in this week’s Fool’s Gold, live on the New Mexico Mercury and The KC Post. No wait time, guaranteed.

(Bonus footage: Mr. Aragon added a “Publisher’s Note” at the end of the Mercury piece. At least, I think he did. I can’t really see past my singed eyelashes — cuz that’s how badly I got burned.)


(Featured image of Tibetan monks copyright Wonderlane/CC. “Bathsheba Reads King David’s Email, after Rembrandt” copyright Mike Licht/CC.)


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