Takes Me Back, by Oxygen on Embers

It’s with great joy that I announce the release of my band’s first five-song EP, Takes Me Back.

You’ve been reading about my musical fumblings in Fool’s Gold, learning to play the harmonica and then stepping on stage and undertaking vocal lessons and actually venturing into a real-world recording studio. Believe it or not, I wasn’t making all that up.

And here you go. My bandmate, McCarson Leigh, and I released this CD last night at our debut concert at the Listening Room in Durango. You can preview the tracks (and then download them and then probably pirate them) on our Bandcamp page, where we’ll release all our future music, as well.

Or, you can pick up the physical CD and check out some of our videos at our main website.

You can also keep up with the band on our Instagram page, @oxygenonembers, and on Facebook as well. Lots of fun tidbits, including the new album we’re scheming and a spring tour to boot.

Thanks for listening and for supporting us. As the Godfather of Grunge once said, “It’s all one song.”


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