Fool’s Gold: The Column

Fool’s Gold, the weekly column, cuts right to the core of such universal matters as the environment, sports, technology, politics, and bears. If you have never cut to the core of a bear, then believe me when I say, neither have I. But when I do, I will spin it into Fool’s Gold.

Zach Hively has the rare gift of delivering a solid humor column on the regular. -New Mexico Mercury on Facebook

Fool’s Gold splices the antics of Thomas L. Friedman with the gravitas of Stephen Colbert. The editor of the New Mexico Mercury, V.B. Price, says the column has “a perfect tone, full of verbal and narrative surprises.” Dave Barry has called me—in writing!— a “Fellow Humor Professional.” Each and every published nugget exists right here.

If your publication is interested in benefiting from Fool’s Gold, please send me a missive.

These alternative publications have not yet gone defunct despite running Fool’s Gold on a regular basis. Please give them your readership. (They take money, too.)

New Mexico Mercury
The Durango Telegraph
The KC Post
Four Corners Free Press


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