Writing and Editing Services

I am trained in both skillful writing and insightful editing through professional experience and graduate education. Or in regular human words: I write well, I edit well, and you can hire me for either.


If you require an experienced and educated writer for features, blog posts, articles, promotional materials, or larger works, please contact me with details of the task, including estimated word count. You can write to me through the missives form.


I am available for editing texts of any length, including:

Fiction (such as short stories, novellas, and novels)
Non-fiction articles and book-length works
School and university essays (in accordance with your institutional policies)
Academic articles and book-length works
Professional documents
Website text
Application letters
Tattoos of your favorite song lyrics (before they’re inked)

Please write to me through the missives form if you would like to discuss editing services for your project.

What kind of editing do you need?

Manuscript critiques: A thorough reading of your manuscript for content and overall readability. While I will avoid changing the content of your text, I will provide written feedback (an editorial overview, supplemented by comments and margin notes) with substantive suggestions on how the text can become more effective.

Copy editing: A review of your text for correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar, as well as overall precision, clarity, and consistency. I will suggest alterations for your review. I can also ensure that your text and citations are consistent with MLA or APA formatting, if your text requires it.

Proofing: A careful examination of your completed or typeset work for punctuation and spelling errors.

Special requests: If your text requires attention that I haven’t described here, please contact me so that we can discuss your needs and see what’s possible.

Cost: I can give an estimate once I know your text’s requirements and your needs. For quick reference, my rates tend to align with those suggested by the Editorial Freelancers Association.



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